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8voCom is the brand for our Omni-Channel Range of products which include;



  • Website Design and Development – When customer visits your website, you have 15 seconds to seize their attention. Web Designs capture and keep the interest of your perspective customers, prompting them to stay and learn more about your services and products. With so many websites emerging every day, it becomes imperative that your website visitors must be drawn into your website. If you notice that your website is dull, frustrating, busy, poor user experience and sluggish, chances are very likely that customers will switch to other websites.


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  • eStore Design and Development – Ecommerce has gained popularity over the years as more and more people find the need to sell their product online to increase their sales. This is one of the reasons why many ecommerce website exist on the web to reach their wider potential market. Many strategies and tools are needed in order to make it a success, one of these tools is the ecommerce shopping cart software or eStore.


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  • mStore Development – Buying and selling of services and goods which is performed on a mobile device is called mStore or Mobile Commerce. These include tablet computers, iPads, Personal Digital Assistants, mobile phones and other web connected mobile device. Mobile commerce is still in its beginning stages but is sure to grow fast.



  • fbStore Development – Social ecommerce like Facebook, help sell your services and products electronically. Make no mistake that social media is here to stay, and businesses are finding more innovative and creative ways to harness the potential of media to increase their own revenue. It is no coincidence that online retailers were among the first groups of businesses to use social media ecommerce. It is less expensive and quite more effective, than traditional means of converting and attracting prospects into customers. However, in some ways, large retailers have fallen behind smaller businesses when it comes to adopting social media ecommerce solutions. Social media ecommerce refers to a wide range of topics including customer reviews, customer ratings, referrals, user recommendations, online tools, online advertising, online applications and social media optimization. Whether they are just developing an internet media strategy or they have an established internet media presence already, large retailers need to incorporate all of these tools into their strategy.

8voCom frontend and backend focus on UI and UX, which makes it very user friendly and since we have productized it, its definately affordable for all levels of company.

This is a great chance for you to stand above your competition by doing something that will raise brand awareness and drive customers to your store or website.

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