Branding, E-Commerce

UVWR (pronounced as “U-ver”) is a Reward-Based Consumer-centric eCommerce Platform.  Starting out as a product eCommerce platform, we aim to provide products based on consumers wants.  Gradually, we will proceed to consumer wants based on brands itself.

You Vote. We Reward.

That is our motto. But how do we do that? Regularly. we will hold a poll of 4 products to let consumers vote what they wanted most. The product with the most vote will be put into Best Deals, Consumers will get to enjoy 50% discount from the product.

The next product with the most vote will be put into Great Deals. Great Deals grants you a 30% discount from the product. The 3rd place will be put into Awesome Deals which the product will receive a 20% discount and the one with the least vote will be put in Good Deals, customers can still enjoy a 10% discount from the product with the least votes. But do note that these products from deals are of limited quantity, so it will be according to first-come-first-serve basis.

So to summarize, not matter which product gets the highest vote, they will still get to enjoy a discount.

Regularly, we will also use social media to prompt and interact with consumers to give suggestions on what products they want in the poll.

8Volution design and develop the reward platform for UVWR in 2017.