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“LinkedIn vs. Facebook: Which is better For Business Networking”

LinkedIn and Facebook are both social networking platforms where people interact with each other and create their links but there is a clear difference between Facebook and LinkedIn. And if we observe carefully, we can notice the discrimination between both platforms easily.

The difference

The main purpose of Facebook is to provide opportunity to any common man to link and communicate with each other while LinkedIn is a special platform that is used to allow peoples and individuals related to the business and other professionals. The LinkedIn atmosphere is more professional if seen with respect to Facebook and that is why it is a center of attraction for the business community, graduates, job seekers and professionals of all kinds.

Is Facebook suitable for business?

Facebook is usually less trusted as a recurring tool because of the immature behaviors and other flaws due to which people avoid doing business through Facebook. Instead of Facebook, LinkedIn is a great platform for businessmen because it is a platform of highly qualified individual and groups of intellectuals which provide a better environment than the Facebook. Due to maturity level, integration and good response of the professionals LinkedIn has become the greatest professional gathering platform. LinkedIn has appeared as a powerful tool for the businessmen to interact and take benefit from each other’s.

But Facebook can help boosting your business as well

Although Facebook may help in some business but the fame of Facebook is emerged in a way that it is a platform that connects all type of people and is used mostly for the entertainment purposes. Where as in contrast if we see the services provided by the LinkedIn, they seem to be more professional. LinkedIn allows its users to collect more data and information, it has created a question answer section in which the people can share different point of views and individuals can find the scholarly answers of their questions given by the professionals. It has some features also which allows its user to search and went through the service providers of different works, that is one can find the experienced and competent service providers and their contacts using this platform and this feature made liked in such an attractive platform for the people and individuals looking for business while Facebook was designed for the college students and went open for every one after some years.

So to conclude,

Now Facebook has become a great place for hangouts however, you can use also it for business purpose because it also allows you to interact with people and allow you to publicize your work. Facebook has large number of applications and is good for other things. LinkedIn is a better platform for the business as we conclude from the above discussion. However, Facebook also has a great number of advantages and both the social networking platforms has provided users with great facilities and applications which were not available in the past times. All these social networking sites have made life easy and interacting for everyone.