“SEO” is becoming less important?


With so many different ways out there to advertise your website, I have many people ask me if “SEO” is becoming less important.

It’s important to know what works best for your business, but search engines aren’t going away anytime soon.

If people were to stop using Google altogether, then yes it wouldn’t be important to focus on. However, we all know that isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

We all know that smartphone usage is increasing, which also means that the total number of “organic” searches are increasing as well. These numbers rising actually increases the importance of having a good SEO campaign.

There are definitely other advertising tactics that you can pursue. However, we see time and time again that investing in SEO campaigns ultimately brings the highest Return on Investment in the long run. in

Every great business needs marketing, and one of the sure-fire ways to deliver is with SEO.

Just take a look at what your competitors are doing and the customers they are gaining from their efforts.

So start a strategic SEO campaign and be patient. Your efforts over time will see a reward.

All the best,

Credit to Mike Palmgrove